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Personal Bimmers 6-Series
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Member: Luke & Carol Lowery

BMW CCA Number: 30246

Member since: 2016

Email Address: [email protected]

Car Info: 2008, 650i Coupe, Alpine White

Purchased Car: 08/2010

Factory Options: 19 inch wheels


Member: Gene Janulis

BMW CCA Number: 471885

Member since: 2012

Email Address: [email protected]

Car Info: 2012, 650i, red

Purchased Car: 12/15/2012

Factory Options:


Member: Jim Blue

BMW CCA Number: 413898

Member since: 2007

Email Address: [email protected]

Car Info: 1985, 635CSi, Black

Purchased Car: 01/2009

Factory Options:


Member: Paul Goldfine

BMW CCA Number: 93578

Member since: 1991

Email Address: [email protected]

Car Info: 1985, 635CSi, White

Purchased Car: 11/22/08

Factory Options: Automatic transmission, front seat memory

Modifications: ASA 17" wheels, 4.11 rear w/posi

Member: Casey Jordan

BMW CCA Number: 411001

Member since: 2008

Email Address: [email protected]

Car Info: 1988, 635CSi, Bronzit

Purchased Car: 06/07

Factory Options: Automatic transmission, heated seats

Modifications: NONE! Painfully original, including those metric tires...

Member: Jeff Pompa

BMW CCA Number: 142319

Member since: 1997

Email Address: [email protected]

Car Info: 1985, 635CSi, Blue

Purchased Car: 1996

Factory Options: Sport seats, usual stuff...

Modifications: Conforti Performance Chip, 3.73 diff, Heavy duty rear subframe bushings and Thrust arm bushings, Urathane sway bar bushings, Strut tower brace, Wheels, ATE slotted rotors, EBC brakes, Stereo w/ all new speakers (under rear seats too), Paint, WOT A/C cut-out switch, push-button to activate locks, Convert fog light switch to daytime headlight switch, Tinted windows, Radar det. mount w/ power, Hidden kill switch w/ flashing LED, Heat shield between exh. manifold and A/C compressor (like \\M6), Insulate all under-hood A/C lines, Convert 'euro fog' socket inside rear light assembly to be a second brake light bulb,

Member: Jack Laumer

BMW CCA Number: 33910

Member since: 1978

Email Address: [email protected]

Car Info: 1987, 635CSi, Alpine

Purchased Car: 01/19/06

Factory Options: power (memory) front seats

Modifications: 15" ARE wheels, CD changer