Friday, June 7th - Sunday, June 9th, 2013
Circuit of the Americas
Austin, TX

This is an event being put on by Tejas, Lone Star, and Houston chapters of BMW CCA. It will be held June 7th, 8th and 9th at Circuit of the Americas in Austin. This even is going to be huge with attendance well into the hundreds.

High level schedule:

Friday 6/7/13:

  • Instructor track times
  • Club Race practice and qualifying

Saturday 6/8/13:

  • HPDE
  • Car Show (this is being scaled back due to overall lack of inter est)
  • Club Race

Sunday 6/9/13:

  • HPDE
  • Autocross

Paid Participants
If you are a paid participant in the event, you should be receiving communications from the other people on the event board about what you need to be doing. If you are a paid participant and you have no idea what's going on, this would be a good time to contact me directly so I can get you in touch with the people you need to be talking to.

If you come into the facility simply to watch the action, you will have to sign a BMW CCA waiver (the standard red and white form we always use). You will be allowed access to the Turn 1 grandstands, Main (start/finish) grandstands, and limited access to the paddock. As of right now, it is NOT necessary that you be a BMW CCA member in good standing to spectate. I don't anticipate this will change, but it would be useful to have your card on you when you arr ive just in case. There is no fee to spectate.

Given that we are the local chapter, it is easier for us to help staff this event than any of the other chapters. That said, Lone Star is proving corner workers, so what we really need is logistical help. Gates open at 6:30am Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We need a handful of morning people to get out there early and help us get people checked in, ESPECIALLY Saturday. We will have someone on the gate all day, but after the morning rush, it's less critical. We also need people to help distribute water into coolers in the paddock / pits area. This is continuous but easy work. We need about 3 people at all times that the track is hot to help direct cars on and off the track safely and promptly. We may need a few other folks to run and around and generally herd people.

We could real ly use 10-12 people from Tejas on site all day Saturday and Sunday. We are a large chapter so this doesn't meant 12 total people have to commit their entire weekend. Some of you out there have already been proactive enough to get in touch and commit to helping out, and for that, I thank you. Now that the event is close enough that people can actually think about it in their short term minds, I need some more people to mark it down on their calendars to come out and help.

If you've never been to COTA, being a volunteer at this event is going to get you a level of access to the facility that you won't get many opportunities for, and certainly will get you closer and more intimately involved with the action than just spectating. If you've never been to a BMW HPDE, volunteering at this one would be a great way to see how they work and get motivated to participate as a driver next year! Finally, we need to put on a good and organized "show" so that COTA will let us do this again for years in the future.

Finally, I'll take this opportunity to say that COTA is going to be judging our clubs very closely on our behavior and on the level of quality with which we conduct this event. Regardless of how you choose to participate, please be on your best behavior. You will be reflecting on our club, the other clubs in Texas, and BMW of North America, one of our core sponsors.

--- Josh Butts, Driving Events Coordinator, Tejas Chapter BMW CCA