Tejas Chapter Scrapbook
Personal Vintage Bimmers

Member: Robert Bondi

BMW CCA Number: 494966

Member since: 2014

Email Address: [email protected]

Car Info: 1977 530i, polaris silver

Purchased Car: 07/01/1977

Factory Options: 4-speed manual, A/C, manual doors and windows, electric driver's side mirror, polaris silver on marineblau vinyl interior, large format tool kit

Modifications: Metric Mechanic 3.7L engine, 80-81 E12 528i FI, R134a A/C conversion, Euro downpipes replacing OEM thermal reactors and EGR, 5-speed OD manual, all-aluminum E28 radiator, adjustable fuel pressure regulator, second fuel filter, E21 intake runners, tinted windows, car alarm, 6 extra interior gauges (oil P, voltmeter, manifold vacuum, air/fuel meter, oil T, fuel P), passenger side mirror, Hella driving lights, Sony CD audio deck

Member: Greg Resa

BMW CCA Number: 557774

Member since: 2019

Email Address: [email protected]

Car Info: 1976 2002, Chamonix

Purchased Car: ???

Factory Options: ???

Modifications: ???

Member: Everett Torres

BMW CCA Number: 540331

Member since: 2018

Email Address: [email protected]

Car Info: 1974 2002, Fjord Blue Mtlc

Purchased Car: 10/15/2009

Factory Options: Automatic, AC

Modifications: 320i 5 speed conversion, 45 DCOE Dual Webers, Rear Battery Relo, Wide Body Kit, 15” Basket Weaves

Member: Peter Coomaraswamy

BMW CCA Number: 514667

Member since: 2015

Email Address: [email protected]

Car Info: 1974, e9, Nachtblu

Purchased Car: 09/01/2011

Factory Options: A/C, sunroof, Automatic

Modifications: 5-speed conversion Getrag 265, updated interior, CN springs, Bilsteins, Camber plates (fixed) adjustable rear camber/toe, IE sway bars front & rear, 16 inch Alpina wheels, 1972 bumpers

Member: Wayne Eltringham

BMW CCA Number: 287523

Member since: 2001

Email Address: [email protected]

Car Info: 1969, 1600, Sahara

Purchased Car: 3/16/2006

Factory Options:

Modifications: 1600ti tribute

Member: Russell Turner

BMW CCA Number: 470366

Member since: 2012

Email Address: [email protected]

Car Info: 1972, 3,0CSi, Tundra

Purchased Car: 10/01/2012

Factory Options: A/C

Modifications: Alpina wheels

Member: Jim Blue

BMW CCA Number: 413898

Member since: 1/13/2009

Email Address: [email protected]

Car Info: 1969, 1600-2, Granada

Purchased Car: 5/15/2012

Factory Options:


Member: Michael Friedman

BMW CCA Number: 453943

Member since: 2011

Email Address: [email protected]

Car Info: 1974, 2002, Turkis

Purchased Car: 09/13/2011

Factory Options:

Modifications: Going through a restoration

Member: Tor Taklo

BMW CCA Number: 372241

Member since: 2004

Email Address: [email protected]

Car Info: 1974, 3.0CS, Nachtblau / navy blue interior

Purchased Car: Mar 2007

Factory Options: Steel sliding roof, manual / Metallic paint / Air conditioning / Electric front and rear windows / Limited slip differential / Automatic antenna

Modifications: Weber 32/36 DGAV carburetors / Exhaust modifications / Engine block modifications / Bilstein shock absorbers / Cam shaft / Euro bumpers / Alpina rims 16" x 8" / 205/55-16 front and 225/50-16 rear tires

Member: Phil and Dorothee Auldridge

BMW CCA Number: 145643

Member since: 1995

Email Address: [email protected]

Car Info: 1972, 3.0CS, Verona Red

Purchased Car: 02/02/2007

Factory Options: sunroof, elec rear windows

Modifications: triple Weber DCOE carburetors , 5 speed manual transmission

Member: Michael Perkins

BMW CCA Number: 303358

Member since: 2002

Email Address: [email protected]

Car Info: 1971, 2800CS, Blue

Purchased Car: 1972

Factory Options: PS, PB, Leather,

Modifications: 3.5L, 3X Webers, Shrick Cam, Headers, Hardy & Beck suspension, brake upgrade, Bilsteens, Hartge Wheels, New Hides, Momo Pedals, Epoxy pained undercarriage, contrasting sway bars and grommets, oversized stereo, original paint

Member: paul schuster

BMW CCA Number: 288564

Member since: 2002

Car Info: 1973, 2002tii, fjord

Purchased Car: 2003?

Factory Options:

Modifications: recaro seats

Member: Paul Schuster

BMW CCA Number: 288564

Member since: 2004

Car Info: 1972, 2002S, polaris

Purchased Car: 2004?

Factory Options: whatever S options were in Denmark where car was originally sold, has danish VIN plate w/ 2002S

Modifications: high compression pistons, dave cruse cam, lightened flywheel, engine balanced, electric fuel pump, electric fan, 5 speed, weight reduction diet, big brake upgrade, bilstein shocks, big sway bars, stahl headers, weber 38/38, 320i radiator etc.

Member: Les Cartwright

BMW CCA Number: 271910

Member since: 2001

Email Address: [email protected]

Car Info: 1976, 2002, Siennabraun

Purchased Car: 11/01/2000

Factory Options:

Modifications: Current "Sleeping Project". Will have rebuilt motor, 5 spd, suspension upgrade and paint job.

Member: Les Cartwright

BMW CCA Number: 271910

Member since: 2001

Email Address: [email protected]

Car Info: 1976, 2002, Sahara

Purchased Car: 2/4/2006

Factory Options: Sunroof and original rear mudflaps.

Modifications: Reshaped front nose panel! Has sport shocks & springs. Will be a parts car - everyone with an '02 needs a parts car.

Member: Jack Laumer

BMW CCA Number: 33910

Member since: 1978

Email Address: [email protected]

Car Info: 1974, 2002tii, schwatz

Purchased Car: 07/31/2001

Factory Options: sunroof, AC

Modifications: 320 5 speed overdrive, 320is recaros, 320is 13" alloys, 77 320 vented front rotors and calipers, e30 M3 rear seat

Member: Les Cartwright

BMW CCA Number: 271910

Member since: 2001

Email Address: [email protected]

Car Info: 1974, 2002 Touring, Jadegrun

How long owned: 18

Factory Options: Tow bar.

Modifications: Weber carb & 320i wheels